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Gliding your way from 'stuck' back to growth 

Are there processes and services that aren't working well, but you don’t have the headspace to improve them? Your financial performance isn't where it needs to be, but you're unsure how to get back on track? SOMETHING needs to change, but you don't know where to start? 

I support agencies with uncovering barriers, finding solutions, and embedding change. 

Achieving your goals and improving efficiencies


Getting your company strategy ready to be moved out of the board room and into the company. Translation of your company strategy into simple and agile initiatives that are wrapped up in a manageable process, with clear rhythms and routines for delivery. You will feel confident that your plans are realistic and measurable, have buy-in from staff, and have clear ownership and accountability.


Optimisation of processes and day-to-day operations of client work, team management, sales, client services, systems, and structures.  Includes full review and design of optimised ways of working. Your processes and operations will be simpler, more efficient, scalable, and more profitable. 


Optimising the way you manage and support teams throughout the business, including people processes and progression planning. Review and optimisation of your leadership processes, including team management, board responsibilities, and wider team structures, You will gain clarity on the steps needed to manage effectively through your people. 


Defining plans for any changes required to achieve the agency’s strategic objectives. This includes education about the change process and change aversion, defining the required changes and what good looks like, and creation of a plan for agile change delivery. You will be better equipped for current and future changes and learn from a qualified agile change practitioner.


Mentoring for senior leaders and managers to improve confidence and skills over time. This includes regular one-to-one calls to address any challenges, and to hold you accountable to your personal goals. You will feel more happy and confident, whilst focusing on the right priorities and getting the most out of your teams.

I also provide training on a variety of topics e.g. management skills, strategy delivery, change management.


Long term support on an advisory basis e.g. at board level to provide level of accountability and progress towards the business strategy. Monthly ongoing retainer for agencies who don’t have full time capabilities for operations directors or senior leadership roles to support their growth ambitions. You will get access to an experienced agency growth expert without the commitment of a full time role.

Improving Pitch Close Rates



Pre-pitch support in the planning stages of your pitch. Support with the preparation of win themes for upcoming pitches and advising on pitch best practice elements. I will attend planning and rehearsal meetings and represent the voice of the client. You will feel confident that you are maximising your chances of winning. 


Review of your pitch process, including mapping of current process, spotting areas of improvement, defining actions, and implementation support. We will optimise your qualification, win theme planning, positioning, pricing approach, and structure of your pitch. Workshop-based and ongoing implementation support.  

Collection of post-pitch feedback with your prospects to help you understand what brands want, and how to improve pitch close rates. This includes feedback calls, reporting, action planning, and implementation support. You will have clear actions and changes to improve your pitch and win more business. 

What Others Say

"We recently commissioned Freia to provide consultancy and training to both our PR and sales departments. SHE WAS FANTASTIC! Her prep, delivery and supporting documentation are of the highest standard and the results already being seen are invaluable. I would encourage ANY & EVERY marketing agency to work with Be Reyt. Thank you for everything, Freia"

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Zac Evans, 
Director at 21Degrees Digital
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