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A change planning guide for all my fellow agency change makers

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hi there,

It's January 2022 and there is a lot of buzz in the agency community about big and exciting changes coming this year. Digital agency change is constant, and a result of a maturing market, advancements in tech and data, and changing client requirements. Agencies need to avoid lengthy decision making and planning processes, they need to keep their changes simple and move quickly.

2022 will be another big year for agency change and growth, and I can't wait!

Growing and changing go hand in hand, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of things you could do to make your agency better than it is today.

I am on a mission to help agencies become better at making decisions and implementing change, and I've put together this guide as a starting point to help you become better at change delivery in 2022.

Download the guide here:

Change Management Guide for Agencies
Download PDF • 2.99MB

Get in touch for a chat about the changes you've got planned for this year. I get weirdly excited about this topic, so you'll do me a favour :-)


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