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Online Panel Discussion: How to optimise your agency for growth

My wonderful friends at Gray Matters have arranged an online discussion on 'how agencies can optimise for growth' and I was one of three panellists, alongside the brilliant Bella Hegarty and Andy West. We discussed clients, delivery, talent and more:

🧠 Knowledge of how to identify revenue opportunities and how to triage these opportunities to support agency growth and build long-term relationships with clients.

💡 Insights into identifying inefficiencies in delivery processes that can be streamlined to free up capacity for existing or new clients.

🥉The critical role of talent in agency growth. How to assess the potential to scale the workforce effectively in anticipation of business growth. How to attract, hire, and retain top talent and create a culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and success.

Growth is a complex topic and stretches from sales and marketing, to operations, team structures, systems, data, processes to client management. 90% of my consultancy work is focused on growing effectively, sustainably, and profitably. Get in touch if you have growth blockers in place and don't know how to remove them!


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