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My breakfast session with BIMA: Overcoming growth barriers

I co-hosted the BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) x We Are Adam Breakfast roundtable focusing on Overcoming Barriers to Growth.

Thank you Léon Milns from We Are Adam who chaired the event. If you struggle to find talent, then he is your man!

This topic could quickly descend into a moan fest, and you can't blame agencies for feeling the pressure. However, the room was full of positivity and solutions, and people talked openly about their challenges and how they're overcoming them. Thank you, everyone, for a great discussion.

The big topics were:

✔ Getting new business is a little harder these days but agencies are getting creative and are adapting as always. Revenue doesn't just get generated through NEW business, and agencies are focusing more on growing existing clients, reviewing their operational margins, and becoming slicker in their delivery.

✔ People are still hard to find and retain. Great benefits and flexibility are now taken as a given to attract talent. People stay longer if the actual job is enjoyable and provides opportunities to learn and grow. Your benefits are a contributor to retention, but people want to see progression opportunities.

Thank you Matt Sullivan from BIMA for organising the event and giving agencies a platform to learn from each other 🙏

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