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My partnership with Futureproof

In today’s world, the pressure businesses face in needing to adapt to change is phenomenal. What needs to change? Where do we start? Which processes aren’t working and why? How do we move our strategy out of the boardroom and into real life? 🤷‍♀️

These questions are the reason why I started talking to Futureproof, and have since become one of their official partners.

When I was agency-side, I helped my old agency with the organisation and coordination of everything needed to become a B Corp. At the time, Futureproof didn’t exist. They provide software and guidance to simplify the impact your business can make on people and our planet. I’ve since seen their platform in action and my first thought was “this would have saved us lots of time”. So I wanted to find out more.

As a consultant, I now increasingly see 'become a B Corp', 'improve people processes', or 'better leadership' on the list of businesses' strategic goals. Increasing your positive impact often means introducing new processes, different ways of working, and getting people on board with changes. After seeing the synergy between our businesses, founder Tom Wilford has kindly offered me to partner with them and support their clients with those challenges.

I will support Futureproof's clients with:

🎯 Effective strategy delivery

⚒️ Operations efficiencies

🎤 Leadership & People Processes

🏃‍♂️ Change management

🧑‍🏫 Mentoring & training

♻️ Ongoing advisory and accountability


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